Gearing Up Policies

Please note that all participants of the Gearing Up course offered through On the Job and Off (OTJO) are subject to the stated policies below. Please send any questions, comments, or concerns to Ali Rothrock at

Confidentiality & Information

The personal information of participants will never be shared or distributed. All personal information shared will be held secure within the records of OTJO and will be used only by OTJO for the purposes of communication about the Gearing Up course (e.g., logistics, registration, payment, and cancellation). 

Fees & Cancellation 

Registration & Fees 

Program fees will be clearly listed on course promotional materials and online within the course registration process. All course registrations must take place online prior to the start of the event. There are no hidden fees. Registration is limited to one per person. Each person must register themselves for the course. Registrants must show receipt of registration upon arrival to the course facility for admittance.

Refunds & Cancellation

If a registrant can no longer attend the course for which they have registered and wish to be given a full refund, they must contact OTJO prior to the start of the course. Please include the course title, date, and time of the course in your email. Refunds will be returned via the same payment method used for registration.

If for some reason the course cannot take place on the intended date, all registrants will be notified by OTJO via the email address provided at registration. The course will either be rescheduled as an in-person course for a later date or cancelled. After receiving notification of cancellation/reschedule/postponement, registrants may choose to transfer their registration payment to the rescheduled/postponed course, or they may opt for a full refund. Refunds will be returned via the same payment method used for registration.

Program Complaints & Disputes

All complaints received by program participants about the course content, delivery, facility, accommodations, etc. will be reviewed and resolved promptly by OTJO. Participants can express their feedback via the program evaluation form, by speaking with the course presenter(s) in person, or by emailing