Mental Health & The Global Pandemic

We are about a week into this global pandemic that is altering virtually every aspect of our lives. As first responders we are feeling the extra stress of not being able to self-isolate and the fear that comes with potentially becoming infected and transmitting that to our families. We might feel fear, stress, panic and disappointment over finances, cancelled plans and our unknown future. I made this video to try to address some of that, to normalize those feelings and to talk about what we can do to help ourselves and our loved ones through this difficult time. 

Make sure to stay informed from reliable websites like the Central for Disease Control but disconnect from social media when it gets overwhelming. Being physically distant doesn’t mean we have to be emotionally distant so be sure to be connecting with people. Find a new routine that works for you but allow yourself to take downtime and time to de-stress. Talk about how weird and scary this is because we are all feeling it. Don’t forget to make plans for what to do when this is over. This is not going to last forever.